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Your Liver Is Calling For Help!

The liver is a silent organ that does not feel pain, so the liver is damaged silently, making it very difficult for us to detect.

Common symptoms in patients with hepatitis: fatty belly, dull skin with many spots, bad breath, poor physical strength, frequent hair loss, sleepiness, irritability,…

There is also perennial stubborn obesity, swollen limbs, big belly, big thick legs, double chin, no matter how you lose weight, you can’t lose weight

Surveys show that more than 75% of people have poor liver, and the liver is a “dumb organ” that does not feel pain.

Don’t worry because we have a safe solution that brings the best results for you with 18 flavors liver care tea.

Specially formulated to support patients with liver damage with 18 completely natural organic ingredients that not only improve liver condition but also help you maintain a better mood every day.

► 18-flavor liver care tea combines 18 famous herbal flavors from citrus to earthy herbs, helping to detoxify, enhance liver function, promote liver rejuvenation, and improve quality of life. Weight loss support helps you improve your figure and bring healthy, elastic, vibrant skin.

Product Information

  • Name: 18 flavors liver care tea
  • Ingredient: cassia, hawthorn,licorice, mulberry leaves,pueraria, yam, gardenia, double rose, jujube, burdock root, momordica grosvenori, dandelion, chrysanthemum, wolfbery, sweet-scented osmanthus, gorgon, eucommia male flower (artificial planting), bergamot
  • Specification: 150g (5g *30 pack)
  • Brewing method: take out this product into a cup, pour an appropriate amount of boiling water, wait for 3-5 minutes, and then drink


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Verified Buyer

I used up 1 box of this liver care tea and was extremely surprised at its effectiveness. What I really like about it is that it does not contain caffeine.

Verified Buyer

My liver is in a mildly damaged state, but I'm also pregnant, so that makes me extremely worried because consuming unsafe food will lead to a more serious condition. Luckily, my best friend introduced me to this liver care product. It does not contain ingredients that are dangerous to the fetus, so I feel extremely secure in using it. And after using all 1 box, I went back for a check-up and received extremely surprising results, my liver is recovering quite quickly.

Verified Buyer

omg, this liver care tea worked beyond my expectations. After using almost all 2 bottles and going to the doctor, the doctor diagnosed that my liver is gradually recovering, and if it keeps progressing like this, my liver will be normal and healthy, I'm very happy about that. I have recommended this product to a few friends and they have used it and seen much improved quality of life.

Verified Buyer

Unexpectedly, this product has the ability to improve my sleep. The smell is quite pleasant, not too strong and extremely easy to drink. I bought a few more boxes as gifts for my husband's parents and they also really liked it after using it.

Verified Buyer

After receiving the goods, I immediately used them, their smell is pleasant and quite easy to drink. I have used almost all 2 boxes and have really seen a significant improvement in my facial skin problems, some brown spots around the eyes have faded and my skin has also become much more elastic than before. Great product quality.

Verified Buyer

Currently, I am extremely happy because my liver has completely recovered after using all 2 boxes of this liver care tea. My friend is a liver doctor, she introduced me to this product and many other patients have also used it with significant results. I will persistently use it to have the best health.

Verified Buyer

The product quality is excellent, I have been using this liver care tea since my liver suffered from cirrhosis. Although it is not a medicine, it is highly recommended by doctors. I have been using it until now and have almost finished 2 boxes and have noticed a positive change in my condition.

Verified Buyer

I really like this tea, it has a light scent and is quite easy to drink. I usually drink it about 30 minutes after meals to improve sleep quality. Since using this product, my skin has changed significantly, some brown spots have disappeared almost completely, I am extremely happy about this.

Verified Buyer

Extremely satisfied with this product, have used the 4th box and have not encountered any unusual conditions. Fast shipping time.

Verified Buyer

I am a cirrhosis patient and my doctor recommended this liver care tea. My current health condition has improved quite well thanks to consistently drinking this tea. I bought a few boxes to give to my parents to improve sleep for the elderly.

Verified Buyer

Have been using it for more than 2 months and extremely satisfied with the product quality.

Verified Buyer

a product that I really love so far, thanks to it I have improved my sleep condition a lot.

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