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The paw removes animal hair from your clothes while it washes and dries. And it works both in the washing machine and in the dryer

🐾Safe for your clothes: the material is non-toxic, anti-allergic, reusable, simple and self-cleaning!

  • Thepaw is made of very soft, adhesive, flexible material that captures dog or cat hair and pulls it off the clothes,so it can be washed down or collected in the drip tray of your washing machine.
  • The patented pet hair removal superstar helps to remove fur hair, hair and dust from your clothes, your jackets, blankets and much more.

 🐾 Pet Hair Remover Washing Machine Reusable Laundry Fur Catcher Cleaning Products: 

  • The paw is very flexible and sticky enough to cauch hair and dust.
  • The movements of the washing machine or the dryer help the lint-paw that the unwanted hair stick to it, especially when spinning


  • Removes animal hair from clothing and laundry while you wash and dry
  • Flexible and sticky material catches hair and dogs from your clothes
  • No need for a second wash to get rid of your hair – you save water, money, time and above all nerves!
  • Reusable, anti-allergenic, harmless to children’s clothing


Package Includes:

  • 1/4/8 Pcs x Pet Hair Remover


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Rizwan Woodard
Verified Buyer

I bought the 2 pack of the Paw Removes. I have been using them about a month. I have a VERY furry BIG dog, 140 lbs worth of furry. He has a fuzzy undercoat that is incredible but it does get everywhere when it is time for him to blow his coat in the springtime. I use both of the Paw Removes in the load. I put them in the washer and the dryer. For those loads with a lot of fuzz on them, I put the load in the dryer with the Paw Removes before I wash to remove some of the excess. Then I wash the load with both Paw Removes and then put them in the dryer. I also add a 1/4 cup of vinegar to the rinse water on loads with a lot of hair to remove. You have to clean them every few loads to keep them working but it is no big deal just wash them off with a little dishwashing liquid and pull off any hair still on tem and throw them in the wash with the next load. It beats trying to use a lint brush on your laundry before you wash.

Ignacy Brady
Verified Buyer

Works like a charm. I don’t know how but it does. It’s gross to rinse off but definitely worth it. We have four cats, and our clothes have much less hair on them. We look normal again instead of the crazy cat people we really are.

Teddy Gonzales
Verified Buyer

I bought the Paw Removes a couple weeks ago as I have two giant Newfoundlands. Surprisingly our pet hair problem isn’t the worst despite having two fluff balls for dogs, but I still hate the fur on my black clothes and I carry a lint roller religiously. Well, I’ve finally gone out without it! I put two in the wash, then transfer them over to the dryer along with three whool balls and I can tell you without question the combo is better than anything else I’ve ever tried. My clothes are fur free and you can reuse the Paw Removes a few times before you need to clean it, which is very easy. It not only helps with pet hair, I’ve noticed those annoying tiny white balls on all of my black leggings disappear as well.

Elouise Kirby
Verified Buyer

I have a healthy, loving tabby cat that sheds year-round. The Paw Removes is the best thing I have tried for removing fur from my clothes and sheets. The dryer’s lint screen collects far more cat hair now. I use two and put them in both washer and dryer. I’m also careful not to overload the appliances. I just ordered two more so that I can wash and dry two loads of fur-attracting laundry at the same time. I suspect that the range of reviews is evidence that these work better with some types of fur than others. My cat’s hair is about an inch long, very fine, and attracted strongly by static electricity.

Neave Macias
Verified Buyer

Somehow my sons cat manages to shed more than a couple Golden Retrievers or Shepherds. Part of his routine before he leaves the house is a thorough roll down with a lint roller to de-fur himself. His bedding and chairs in his room - are constantly covered in a layer of fur. It's a bit excessive to be honest. I bought these on a whim for him. My son took one and just pat himself down with it. Picked up gobs of cat hair. He was actually excited about it. Quicker and more thorough than the lint roller. It gathers fur quickly so you have to rinse between uses or when it is full - but it definitely is faster and more efficient than a lint roller, tape or shaving the cat. Worked amazing in the laundry too. Toss it in and collects fur. I love this Paw Removes. It is so simple and a definite essential for any household with pets.

Dulcie Rosario
Verified Buyer

I don't know why this works for some people and not others, but it definitely works for me! I have two little dogs who don't technically shed, but do lose their fur like humans lose stands of hair. One has a ton more fur than the other, so she naturally loses a ton, and it's white so it shows up easily. The fur drives me so crazy that I keep a lint roller in my purse and use it frequently as fur presents itself through out the day. However, we all know that that just isn't enough. I used both Paw Removes in the washing machine, rinsed them off, then put them in the dryer. Sure, there was still some fur left on my clothing (perhaps I wash too much at once?), but there's a significant amount in my lint trap AND coating the Paw Removes themselves. So, it's a definite improvement!

Sofia Gibbons
Verified Buyer

This thing picked up so much fur and hair out of the dryer, I'm impressed. It looks like a small furry creature stuck to the Paw. I'm no so easily wowed about most things, my expectations are rarely met but this little sticky bugger did the trick. I wear all black, all the time, even my lounge clothes are black. We happen to have a golden retriever who loves cuddles and pets. This of course leaves much of her beautiful fur embedded in the weave of my clothing. During washing this tends to share the fur with other clothes I've managed to keep out of the fluff. I've looked the part of crazy dog lady for so long...... But NO Longer! Thank you Paw Removes I haven't seen my clothes not covered in fur for far too long!

Iestyn Iles
Verified Buyer

Yes! I have two kitties and one is long haired and gets "kittie fuzz" everywhere. I bought 4 and used two in the washer, then two in the dryer. I don't see much kitty hair on the Paw Removes from the two in the washer, but definitely see LOTS less kittie fuzz on my clothes coming out of the dryer, and lots of kitty fuzz on the Paw Removes coming out of the dryer. So in my final wash load today I just used all four in the dryer and there is very little kitty hair or kitty fuzz on my clothes coming out of the dryer today! I washed the four Paw Removes in soapy water per the instructions and there is a lot of kitty fuzz coming off the Paw Removes. Very easy to wash. Very pleased with this product.

Isla Bender
Verified Buyer

I have been very happy with the results using the Paw Removes. I follow the instructions which include not using fabric softener and not overloading the machine. I noticed it’s not so much what sticks to the discs but more about how much hair they knock off. They do become even stickier after repeated use. I cover my sectional with fleece throws to protect it from dog hair. Although my two dogs are small; the fleece throws end up imbedded with hair, which would never fully come out in the wash.Now I throw them into the dryer with the discs on a no heat setting then into the wash, then into the dryer. Amazingly I saw no hair on the fleece when they were done. At that point I was sold. Again although my dogs are small, but big shedders, I can’t speak to how they would work in a household with larger hairier dogs, but I would strongly suggest pre drying on a no heat setting for the hairier itemsand using the discs for every step of the washing process.

Alanah Lowry
Verified Buyer

Been using this a couple of months. At first I didn’t think it was working a whole lot but after a couple months use I love it. It’s awesome in the washer, seems to pull at the hair on the clothes and helps it come out and wash down the drain. A pair of my sons navy pants usually took about 3 sticky sheets on the lint roller to get the hair off now take only 1 just to pick up the few stragglers. One negative comment I would add though but not enough to lower the stars for me, just caused me to buy another pair. It seems that if you wash a pillowcase or something with real big pockets the disk always seems to find its way inside. It will always get curled up inside a fitted sheet. When it does that I can’t imagine it getting the hair off any of the other clothes.

Dionne Goff
Verified Buyer

I'm on the "works great!" team! I followed directions and put them on top of the clothes in the wash and then put them in the dryer with the clothes. So easy! Was quite amazed at the amount of dog hair in the lint trap! I have two mixed breed medium/large dogs with different types of fur and always have a little dog hair in the lint trap after each wash. The first time I used these there was easily 3 to 4 times more hair in the trap than usual! Sold! Did they remove all of the hair? No. Other than getting rid of my dogs I don't think anything will remove all the hair. Did I see proof that they significantly removed more hair than a regular wash? Absolutely! Not perfect. Nothing in the world is! My tips...don't over load your washer or dryer. Give the clothes room to tumble around and they will work better. And if you have pets don't expect any product to perform magic and eliminate every hair. I am very pleased with these. Proof is in the lint trap! Great product. Easy to use. Easy to clean. They don't stick to my clothes. Will reccomend them and will be ordering another set for myself!

Gabrielius Clark
Verified Buyer

Everyone else in my house has long hair past their shoulders. This makes for quite a bit of hair getting in the laundry. I’ve been looking for something to reduce the amount of hair. These things work pretty well. The instructions say they can be used in the washer or dryer, but I’ve found them not very effective in the washer. The dryer, however, is pretty amazing. Do they remove 100% of the hair? Definitely not. But they do substantially reduce the amount of hair and save me the time of lint rolling and plucking hair from my kids’ clothes so they don’t look like fur balls. About the only negative I can say is that you’re not supposed to use any fabric softener or dryer sheets with them. I understand it’s for the science of static electricity that makes them work. I still use the liquid softener in the wash and then just add these to the dryer. I might try a dryer sheet in the future to see if it makes a difference. But very pleased with the results so far.

Keisha Appleton
Verified Buyer

I bought one set of 2 for my own use and found them very helpful in removing lint, hair, fuzz, and who knows what all was in the washer. When I take these out of the dryer, they are covered with lint, hair, and fuzz. Looks pretty nasty, but I wash them off with a little dish soap. They come out clean and ready to use again. I would definitely NOT agree that they are self-cleaning, however. I like them so much I bought a pair for my daughter, but she didn't find them of use and gave them back to me. So now I use all four in my dryer loads (also in the washer sometimes) and all four come out covered with "stuff." Makes me so grateful that all that is not remaining on my clothes, bedding, towels, etc. No, it's not perfect, but oh so much of an improvement! I don't understand what doesn't work for some people, I wouldn't run a load of anything in my washer/dryer without them

Kajal Vaughan
Verified Buyer

We have a Malamute and a Retriever, and these remove 90% of the dog hair we get on us, which is about 80% more than we were getting off without these. We use two in wash and two in dryer. The only problem is you can't use fabric softener with these as it releases the hair back onto the clothes. So what we do is pull these out at end, clean the lint screen and THEN throw in the fabric softener sheets for another 15 mins on low/no heat. You do need to rinse them off every couple of loads.

Emmett Cassidy
Verified Buyer

I don't know why these don't work for some people; maybe it's the type of coat different dogs have, and how clean a person keeps their house. I have two soft-coated herding dogs that leave hair everywhere. I have two sets of these now, I use them with every load, and I see way less hair on things coming out of the dryer, especially on my flannel sheets. The last time I washed dog beds, I over dried them a bit, and had dog hair all over the inside of my dryer. That's never happened before!! Edit: I’ve now added a golden retriever to my pack, as well as two more packs of the Paw Removes. I’ve noticed that as they wear, they catch even more hair than when new, as they get a little wear around the outside. I’ve also pondered why they work so well for us and not others. My machines have never seen fabric softener or dryer sheets. I use white vinegar in my fabric softener dispenser, and wool dryer balls. I don’t know if a machine can get residue build-up from liquid fabric softener, but I’m pretty sure I’ve read that happens with dryer sheets.

Alina Rasmussen
Verified Buyer

I wasn't sure about this but I'm so glad I tried it! My dog is a lab-chow mix, so she looks like a lab with thin, fluffy fur. Washing her bedding always leaves the washing machine furry and the next load of clothes fuzzy. These picked up so much fur in the loads this want a problem. It also picks up lint, dander and my hair (which is long and thick). I even washed my dog's bath towel in a regular towel load as a test and they all came out clean!! Details about how I use the product: I use a sensitive skin detergent (not a lot of additives) and no fabric softener. I do use wool dryer balls. I add the Paw Removes to both washer and dryer. They work in both, maybe a little better in the dryer. After each load I thoroughly rinse off the hair with water. Instructions say every few loads you can wash with dish detergent to restore stickiness but I've only had to rinse them so far (I've used them for about 10 loads). I hope these details help explain conditions under which these work well. I'm buying more to give other family members with cats and dogs.

Roxanne Kay
Verified Buyer

My daughter, who is always covered in dog hair, is currently living with us. With her came loads of dog-hair covered clothes! Needless to say, the laundry generously "shares hair" with the clothes of the whole family! We turned to Amazon knowing there must be something that would help. I use these sticky things in both the washer and the dryer, and am astounded at how much hair they remove! They work the best in the dryer. I toss in hairy clothes and they come out almost hair-free! These silly little things sure do work well!

Neil Haworth
Verified Buyer

I swear by these Paw Removes. We have two Ragdoll long hair cats, and a 239lb English mastiff who sheads so much I have no idea how he still has hair, seriously our Roomba chokes when it comes time to vacuum. My husband’s uniforms, any black clothing and my lularoes get the worst of it. All I do is throw 2 of these in with the wash load and then remove them once it’s done drying. It saves your dryer too. Sticks to it great. We ended up purchasing a total of 8 because sometimes they get lost in the clean clothes. Always have backup! You could use only 1 if you don’t have a lot of hair, lint, fur.. but it works the best using 2 at a time. Great product!

Neil Haworth
Verified Buyer

I got switched to a black uniform and was very concerned about the amount of animal hair that would prob be on it, so I took a chance on these. WOW. I use them in the washer AND dryer like they recommend and I ended up with very little hair or fuzz, I can't believe it! They stay very clean so far, I haven't had to wash them yet. And just to reiterate since some users seem to not be able to understand their purpose-these are NOT MEANT TO CATCH THE HAIR AND KEEP IT. They are meant to beat the clothes around so the hair falls off and is flushed out in the washer water or sucked into the dryer vent. Don't leave crappy reviews bc you couldn't understand the product description or didnt bother to read it, yeesh.

Wilf Johnston
Verified Buyer

As a human owned by three cats, I sincerely thought that having cat hair on all my clothes was just my lot in life. Even with a new washer & dryer, I would pull clothes out of the dryer still decorated in feline fuzzies. I used lint rollers to the point of carpal tunnel. Then I started using one Paw Removes in the washer & one in the dryer, along with three or four wool dryer balls (the Paw Removes don't like fabric softener). These silly things actually work. I pulled a pair of black pants out of the dryer yesterday & didn't have to touch the lint roller. And the wool dryer balls speed up drying time too. 😊

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