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You never know when a tire on your car is going to need air and unless you have an air compressor, if the tire is too flat, you may end up having to replace it with a spare or call on a friend or neighbor to assist. With one of their handy air compressors, your problem will be solved in minutes.

Inflate Tyres Anytime and Anywhere!

This tiny device can supply a huge air pressure flow of 25L a minute making it incredibly strong for its size. Its long-lasting battery can inflate up to 50 soccer balls one after the other or 5 car tires!


Gone are the days of lugging around a huge air compressor just to transport it and inflate your tires!  12V AIR PUMP is the future of automotive and home accessories.

Air Pump with Tire Pressure Gauge that allows you to monitor the pressure level of your tires and adjust it as needed.

Be prepared for any emergency

Emergency Flashlight

Never get caught without a flashlight, the Portable Inflator also works as a flashlight to help you even at night.

mini inflador de aire portatil para autos

 Emergency Power Bank

As a extra precaution, the Portable inflator works as a Power Bank so you’ll never be without battery even if you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere.

mini inflador de aire portatil para autos

Fast & Reliable Portable Air Compressor

The ultimate solution for all your inflation needs – the Portable Air Pump! This powerful and efficient machine is perfect for quickly inflating tires, sports equipment, inflatable toys, and much more.

Equipped with a high-performance motor and durable components, our portable air compressor is designed to provide fast and reliable performance every time. Its compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry and store, making it the perfect companion for camping trips, road trips, and any other adventure where you need a reliable source of compressed air.

With its simple and intuitive controls, the portable air compressor is easy to use, even for those who are not familiar with air compressors. The built-in pressure gauge ensures that you can accurately monitor the inflation process, while the automatic shut-off feature prevents over-inflation, keeping you and your equipment safe.

So whether you’re inflating a tire on the side of the road or pumping up an air mattress in the great outdoors, our portable air compressor is the perfect tool for the job. Fast, reliable, and easy to use – it’s a must-have for any adventurer or DIY enthusiast.

Portable Air Compressor


Whether it’s an unexpected car breakdown, pumping up the kid’s soccer ball, or getting the bike tires ready for a ride, the 12V Air Pump tire inflator will be the most useful and reliable device you could own. Simply pick 1 of the 4 modes of airflow it offers and away you go!

Package Includes

⚙️ Technical Specifications ⚙️

Charge Type: USB Type-C

Battery Capacity: 2000 mAh

Pressure:  120 PSI (works in minute) 

Nozzle Type: Car Tyre, Bike Tyre, Ball

Special Feature: Tire Inflator, Ball inflator, Power Bank and Flashlight


Ms. Opinionated
Verified Buyer

I really like this compressor. It's much smaller than I expected it to be which is a good thing because it barely takes up any space. It's easy to use once you get the hang of it. I like that I can set it the the pressure I want before attaching it to inflate my tire. It comes with multiple attachments which come in handy. This little gadget was so helpful when my daughter and I had to blow up close to 100 balloons for my granddaughter's birthday. It took us less than an hour to fill them all up. We also used it to fill up a couple of outside sprinkler toys for the girls to play with. This is definitely a must have in everyone's car or home.

Verified Buyer

Simple and convenient! It only took a couple of minutes to inflate my tire from 22 PSI to 32 PSI and it was no where near as loud as using a full sized air compressor. i really like how the tube circles back into the inflator like a little handle, so it isn't just flopping around. it is a good portable, rechargeable tire inflator to have in my car just in case I need it.

Angela M Adair
Verified Buyer

Durable, long lasting, built well, easy to use!

Verified Buyer

This air compressor shows you the pressure in psi and it will automatically stop when it hits the desired pressure, so there is no worry about over- inflation and possible bursting. The greatest feature of all is the small size! I couldn’t believe it when I opened the package and saw how compact it was. I even started to doubt how well it would work, but a quick test on two of my car ties proved that looks can be quite deceiving.

Bryan Carey
Verified Buyer

That was really a minor inconvenience, and I was able to top off all of my tires with this unit. This doubles as a battery pack to charge your cell phone if needed and has a light in the base should you need it at night.

Dean G.
Verified Buyer

The package is all-inclusive with several attachments for inflating just about anything. There is a nice draw-string pouch that holds the inflator and all accessories.

Verified Buyer

I was a little hesitant to get this because it just didn't look like it would actually be able to get the job done due to its small size. But, I am happy to say it works very well for its intended job and does it better than expected. I have a tire that slowly loses air and needs to be topped off occasionally but the station I normally use to fill it just started charging for air so I decided it was time to take matter into my own hands. This unit had several features I really liked including being rechargeable from a USB-C cord instead of running a never quite long enough cord from the cig lighter to power it. It also is a very small unit that easily stores in my glovebox or under the seat. Also, it has a large LED display and can be preset to turn off at the desired pressure. It can also be used as a powerbank and a flashlight which are always handy to have with you. There are several modes it can be used in other than to air up tires. I haven't planned to use it for other things but it would be worth it's weight in gold to blow up air mattresses and float tubes on a camping trip. The price for this seems to be in line with similar units. I am impressed with this and really glad I got it.

Verified Buyer

I like to take my car off road from time to time in search of the perfect photo. The only problem is that my car is a beat up Lexus CT200h with tires that seem to be magnets for punctures. I ordered this pump to keep in the car. To test this compressor, I let 10psi of air out of my tire. I attached the compressor to the time, turned it on, and set the pressure to 36psi. 3 minutes later, it turned off. I measured the pressure with a tire gauge and it read 36psi. That's a great feature, because you don't have to keep detaching/reattaching the compressor to check the tire pressure.

Verified Buyer

This portable air compressor is awesome. It charges by USB to C cable which is provided. It also has multiple tips in the box. This is great to take with you on road trips but it’s also awesome for day-to-day needs like inflating pool toys, bike tires, sports balls, etc. It took one minute and 20 seconds to inflate the section of the pool float. I would recommend it. I hope this review has been helpful

Verified Buyer

This is fantastic to have in the car when you need it. My husband recently got a screw in his tire and luckily had this on hand to check for leakage and fill his tires. It's a great car safety item. Great gift item!

Verified Buyer

I recommend making sure the valve for the tire is close to the ground so the compressor can rest on the ground while running so you don’t have to hold it. I suppose it could hang from the valve, but I didn’t want to put that kind of strain on the valve.

David L.
Verified Buyer

I caught a flat tire and this really helped

J*** Smith
Verified Buyer

I'm unfortunately notorious for finding every screw, nail, etc. with my tires somehow. But somehow I always get whatever object it is wedged in there perfectly so there's not a high risk or my tire popping but instead the air just slowly leaks out so I'm having to put air in my tires every month or so. I'm so happy to have this as a keeper in my car for the times I have to get air but am lazy and don't want to have to hunt for a gas station that has a working air hose.

Anjas S.
Verified Buyer

This is very portable and works great perfect to keep in the truck

Verified Buyer

it perfect for someone looking for a portable air compressor with an automatic shutoff feature. I recommend.

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